Using UMG to make a Stylized Healthbar

Hey guys!

I spent some time making a sort of tutorial/lecture on how to make a pretty stylish Health Bar from scratch, at least from a programmers point of view. This kind of setup is nice for prototyping I’d say.

This video can be used with Blueprint and C++ Projects. It is assumed however that you know some of the basics of the editor as I don’t really explain how to get nodes or how to use keyboard shortcuts, etc.
Please enjoy, and if you can, leave some feedback on the youtube channel or here!

The video is long but that’s because it’s supposed to teach you not just show you.
On top of that we cover these topics:

  • How to structure your UMG Hierarchy when making Blueprint Widgets
  • How to bind values to variables found on other blueprints so the GUI/HUD always keeps itself up to date.
  • How to make a simple GUI/HUD animation.

Excellent! This sounds like a great idea for a tutorial. Thank you.

You are welcome. Let me know how you like it :slight_smile:

Glad I could be of help! :slight_smile: