Using UMG slider to control FMOD Parameters

I’m having some trouble getting my sliders to control the parameters of an FMOD component. I am in the process of creating a simulated mixing desk, and hope to be able to control various aspects of an FMOD multitrack including volume level.

I have created the mixer in UMG, then attached it to an actor so that the user can zoom in/out and move relative to it (called Mixer3d). I have also attached my camera to a pawn for this purpose (called RTSCam).

I have a separate UMG which overlays the screen which provides a play/stop function. I found that if I attached my FMOD component to the RTSCam, then casted to it from the UMG blueprint I could access the play and stop functions of FMOD:

I ran into some trouble when I tried a similar approach with my sliders. It works when I use ‘Set Volume’

But not when I use ‘Set Parameter’

Here’s the FMOD session:

Apologies if this seems rudimentary, I’m fairly new to both Unreal and FMOD. I would like to use the set parameter function as I have other things to control such as panning and routing.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nick, did you solve this as I’m trying to do something very similar?..