using UMG buttons and widgets to make text based, multiple choice game

i need to figure out how, if easily possible without too much coding, if its possible to save buttons/widgets with a body of text (the question) and buttons/widgets (answeres) and have them load with new answers after selecting an answer.


you are in the kitchen(question)

1.make food
2. walk away
3. flop on ground

after say selecting 1. it loads another saved widget with a different body of text(question) continuing the chain? i want each answer to potentially have a unique transition and load a different qusetion, thus making it some what of a text based game

ive written loads of text which is why i was wondering if i can have say 100 widgets/buttons containing text saved, which can be loaded after pressing on one of the answers.

Hey I just saw this and was wondering if you were still looking for an answer. I am doing something similar right now and I think I’ve figured it out.

UMG allows you to bind “Event Clicks” for buttons and also allows you to bind visibility for text blocks and other panels you might be using to make your UI.

By utilizing bindings and variables, I’ve set up a pretty decent text based video game that allows you to have multiple endings based on different interactions. If you want me to get more in depth with the scripts and everything let me know and I’ll come back.