Using Ue4 to make Crypto Art and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Is anybody doing this? Is it possible? Not for games, for Interactive experiences?

For example, I created a Virtual Art Gallery last year, link to video - Central Gallery: Interactive Walkthrough - YouTube

Could I turn that into an NFT and sell it on a site like Rarible or Oceansea? If so, anybody know the best way to do this? Would I just package the scene inside Ue4 so it’s a standalone program and then if someone wanted to buy it they have that file?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

Hey Graeme,

I’m looking into doing the same.
The whole NFT thing is a minefield of sorts.

Currently, with:
SuperRare: Signed up, however, they are only allowing selected artists aboard for the time being. Full site launch will be next year, 2022.
OpenSea: Signed up and created collection (artwork for the time being, UE4 designs to come later). There’s a lot of coding to do to apply NFT to artwork here, so it’s in progress, though slow.
Rarible: Signed up and minted 2 artworks; process was easier than above, i.e., no coding, though cost a few more dollars than expected.

Yet to sign up with NiftyGateway and makersplace.

How are you getting on with the process?

All the best,


P.S. Please check out: Etherlinker in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (only just found this =])


Thanks for the reply. I’m actually using Mintable, have a look, there are no gas fees until you sell your art -

Gas fees suck — mint NFTs without a transaction on Mintable! | by Zach of —A Next Gen NFT Marketplace | Medium

I have one of my animated Short films on there, haven’t sold anything yet, but it’s a really exciting space for artists.

What are you creating in Ue4 for NFTs? What is your process? Is it a standalone application the buyer can download or ?

Check out my Short Film I have on Mintable using UE4 to create -

Hello! I am also interested in these questions, if you found the answers, please write to me!

@smudgy67 ive been trying to figure out etherlinker but it seems pretty laborous and you need to understand smart contracts and such but definitely a place to start. theres also Enjin coin thats building games with full marketplaces and exchanges that work within your game.

[USER=“588192”]Graeme VR[/USER] yeah there’s a few platforms like bitski that allows you to attach actual files to the nft that unlock when a buyer purchases.

my instagram is @poormarty]( absolutely love to keep up with you guys !!

Thanks for the feedback, yeah I will definitely update if and when I learn more about best procedures and workflow.