Using UE4 as renderer


I was wondering whether there are any tutorials/community walk-around re using UE4 as renderer (Modern UI is preferred, but if impossible - desktop implementation is also welcome). I need to do some custom (presentation) implementation related to scientific modeling and instead of implementing my own renderer that would tremendously speed up the project prototyping.

I guess a lot of programmers also are interested in such UE4 usage. I come from CE3 free sdk, but lack of support there and no .cpp in lots of source makes it impossible, at least for my task - here UE4 shines with that (and also is much c+11 closer that CE3).

Thanks in advance for any knowledge that would help me fast start with it. Googling it by now without success…

Procedural geometry generated one time at startup shouldn’t be much trouble. Materials could be interesting. You could set up a single material that has parameters, and attach different material instances with specific values for various portions of your geometry if you need it. You could have a pre-defined set of parameterized materials to choose from, if some parts of the geometry is a different category.