Using UE Source code in visualization software

Hello everybody,

I’m interested in developing software for architectural visualization. I checked several game engine and I like the Unreal Engine rendering. Basically the plan is to remove all the unnecessary part (physics, AI, hardware) from the main source, and then to develop a friendly interface around with predefined setting and models (I think about Twinmotion and Lumion here).

Now my question is: Am I allowed to do this with the general license (5% per sale) or I need to discuss some specific license with the sales team?

Thank you in advance for you answers !

No body is willing to help?

In terms of licensing, I’ll refer you to the FAQ:

Are any revenue sources royalty-free?
Yes! The following revenue sources are royalty-free:

  • Ancillary products, including t-shirts, CDs, plushies, action figures and books. The exception is items with embedded data or information, such as QR codes, that affect the operation of the product.
  • Consulting and work-for-hire services using the engine. This applies to architects using the engine to create visualizations as well as consultants receiving a development fee.
  • Non-interactive linear media, including movies, animated films and cartoons distributed as video.
  • Cabinet-based arcade games and amusement park rides.
  • Truly free games and apps (with no associated revenue).

So, as far as I can tell, you should be able to do it for free. (I could definitely be wrong though, especially since it sounds like you’re making a tool, not an actual visualisation)

My initial concern involves making a tool. Under the EULA, a Product can’t contain the Editor or other UE4 tools, or any code and modules in either the Developer or Editor folders, including in object code format, whether statically or dynamically linked, or other software that may be used to develop standalone products based on UE4.

If you can pass all of those hurdles, you could do it with the standard 5% royalty.

Thanks for your answers. Actually yes, my main goal is to develop a separate tool. I think it will be necessary to include some parts of the editor code in this tool. Therefore I wanted to know what kind of licensing I was supposed to use. I guess I should contact the sales teams for a specific license.