Using UE for presentation of archeological reconstructions

Hi guys,

back in 2014 I wrote my master thesis on the benefits of dynamic reconstructions of ancient architecure using game engines.
I reconstructed a neo-assyrian temple and city fortifications (including alternatives) in Blender, and visualized it in UE4.1 along with some extended functionality.

I’ve finally gotten around to putting the thesis (only in german for now) up on my website (click here, TL;DR is acceptable).

Since the visualization part feels a little dated, I’ll be working on a 2.0 version with improved visuals and functions over the course of the next weeks and will keep you guys posted. I’ll also be adding an english excerpt of the master thesis in the near future.

Please share your thoughts :slight_smile:

All the best,

Very interesting project, hopefully the new design is going to be more realistic and detailed! It could be a hard job to represent architectural structures which are basically unknown (ceilings, gate/door shapes, wall colours etc.). Earlier, for a planned strategy game project I searched similar resources, but found only this one good enough: The era is a bit different, but maybe it can be good for you as inspiration.

Very cool project indeed, gg :wink:
As you said, now you should focuse on visuals, we want to see moar!