Using two different sets of animations on my chracter

i have my character idle walk running animation which is working fine on him but now i want to change idle walk run anim into differnt idle walk run as soon as i get a gun in my game…so how im gona use it, i guess I have to make another blend space for other animations but how im gona use it that when i get a gun (or u can say an object) in my game my anim chages from normal to other one

I would do it like that:

  1. create another blendspace
  2. now in your character bp there should be a bool variable (e.g GunMode?) which gets activated when the player picks up a gun
  3. in the animbp you have to cast to your character bp
  4. get the GunMode? variable from the cast and set another one to true when the GunMode? is on true (e.g GunModeAnimbp?)
  5. now in the anim graph you have to drag out two links to the gunstate and add your variable to those two links (from the normal idle to the gunidle = just the var; from the gunidle to the normal idle = gunvar + not)

I have done it in this way for all my modes in -> low health, low health stamina, one hand weapon, two hand weapon,…

I will record you a small video that shows the entire process ^^

THNX for u r help but im still confuse because im still new with these things so i will ask u some question to go bit into it deeper
1.ok i will make another blendspace so after that should I attach it after my normal walk run anim and should i make a bool variable “GotTheGun?” in transition

ohhh i will b very glad if u do that

You have to add it in your anim graph:

normal idle state -> sword idle state

red -> bool variable which has been created in the event graph of your animbp + will be set to true by a bool varialbe from the mycharacter bp -> the variable from the mycharacter bp gets activated when the player picks up a weapon


Takes a little bit longer, because I will create one with voice ^^

Take ur tym bro in mean tym i will try to follow what u have said

Ok, here we go (unfortunately bad sound quality -> I had to use my old micro :))
When you have questions, just ask them here in this thread.

thank you so much, i will give it a try tomorrow if i have any ques than i will ask here…again thnx

first of all thnx for the help,i follow ur step and it works but prob is that i want this anim to active when i collide with a specific trigger and i press E button…and i can do this in level blueprint but i dont know how to do it in chracter BP coz i cant put on collision trigger in char BP so what should i do here

Create such an actor bp:

It’s just an ordinary actor bp with a volume that checks if the player is in the radius + then it activates the input and when the player presses E it will activate the variable which will turn on the new anim state

orange -> when player presses E it will activate the bool variable from the character bp
yellow -> will check if the play is in the capsule (just add a capsule in the component tab and then create those events)

ok i got the yellow part but in orange im confused i mean how will my capsule will knw that its in the radius of that gun trigger box or its touching the static mesh of gun…just explain this part

PS: i just realize now that all the above thing is done in another BP not in my character bp…but then can i put haveWeapon? variable to set in this bp coz its the one which will change my anim state

In the settings of the volume you can change the collision to different types e.g overlap pawn, overlapp all dynamic,… So when a pawn overlaps with the volume it will activate the overlap event. Just try it out, it will work :wink: (I’m using this method in my game )

i just realize now that all the above thing is done in another BP not in my character bp…but then can i put haveWeapon? variable to set in this bp coz its the one which will change my anim state…and im sorry to bother u right nw actually i cant try it nw coz im on low voltage so whenever i try to open UE4 my system restarts so thats y im asking before trying

You can access the “haveweapon?” variable which you have created in your character bp in every other blueprint (with a cast) -> in my example I use it in a sword bp. In your case you just have to create an empty actor bp -> then add a capsule/box/… in the component tab -> set it to overlap pawn/all dynamic -> go into the event graph and do what I have done above

Now you can place the new blueprint into the level and when the player overlaps the capsule it will set the “haveweapon?” to true

wooohoooo thnx man its done nw thank you so very much…but as 1 prob solved another arrives nw second part of this is that i dont knw how to use aim offset i made an aim offset but dont know ho to use it…if u have tym help me in this thing too though im not in rush u can always help me later…is there anyother way i can contact u besides here in forum if u dont mind

You can also add me in skype: ; but keep in mind: it’s better when you post questions into the forum, because then other people will also have the answer :wink:

yes but u helped me in the way that no one ever helped me here…ok i will add u on skype and follow u on twitter too…and when u get tym plx explain me of aim offset

I will see what I can do for you ^^ -> I dont have much experience with anim offsets