Using two different sets of animations on my chracter

i have my character idle walk running animation which is working fine on him but now i want to change idle walk run anim into differnt idle walk run as soon as i get a gun in my game…so how im gona use it, i guess I have to make another blend space for other animations but how im gona use it that when i get a gun (or u can say an object) in my game my anim chages from normal to other one

Hey huxi -

I would start off by taking a look at the Owen example in the Animation Content Examples. Feel free to tear those animation blueprints apart to get a grasp on them and also check out this recorded live twitch stream where they discuss how Epic deals with your very issue:

Twitch Live Stream on Animation:


Thank You

Eric Ketchum

It’s already solved (showed him my way ^^): https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?27316-using-two-different-sets-of-animations-on-my-chracter

  • solution english:
  • solution german: ?v=tGpTtk5kNrs