Using trigger as child actor in BP level

Hello, I have a trigger which will spawn in game as a child actor of another object (please don’t care of the object). I must get the “beginoverlap” of the trigger in level BP.
When it’s overlapping, it will call a function which is in level BP so except if you know how to get the call function from level BP in trigger BP… I must do this in level BP.
I made 2 screenshots with some comments to help you(I tried event dispatcher but not working unless I made something wrong…).
(Robotmanchot is my character)

Trigger BP Level BP

Thanks for helping.

I know you may not want to hear this but…

Going from level BP to other actors, no problem.

Going from actor A to actor B, no problem.

Going from an actor to something in the level BP, not recommended. That’s why you’re having a problem.

Bascially, the stuff you want to do with the level BP needs to go in an actor in the level. It can be an invisible actor, it doesn’t have to be ‘something’, it just sits in the level:

Thanks for your answer, it is not the best methode I wanted but with some other changes by creating another actor and CTRL+v my function I can get the same. The problem is that I will have to call function many times but it is not a big problem.

Why do you have to call the function many times? Maybe I can suggest something…