Using time dilation stops everything exept the audio, using "Tick Event when pause" only enable tick but key events. What is the solution ?

I am making a photo mode in my game. So I need to freeze everything when I initiate the photo mode. I use the global time dilation node 0 to stop every activity. But the audio is not being affected by this.
Everything in the game freezes only when we pause the game. If I can control my photo mode pawn while pausing the game, it might solve the problem, but the node “Tick Event when Pause” only enables the tick, not other custom events or key inputs like movements. How can I solve this situation?

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I think disabling the audio then saving the time the audio was stopped at and the after the photo finishes you can replay the audio from the variable you created with the time the audio was paused at.

There are so many audios playing in the background, like audio monologue, ambiant weathe sounds, etc. So it’s really tough to keep track of all those audios.