Using third person character for first person body issues, need help

I have been trying to get the third person character from the third person template to work as a first person body for my rift project however I’m having some issues with the character rotation.

I have moved the camera so that it sits nicely in the head and everything seems fine until I try to walk backwards or strafe, I assume this is related to the way the anims behavior is setup.

Has anyone tried a first person body through blueprint yet?

I have included a video that shows the problem clearly.

Thanks in advance

In the TPP template, the camera is subordinated to a camera boom. Have you removed the camera boom or have you just moved the camera forward?

I have removed the camera boom, the camera is locked in place inside the character’s head (this is more of a quick prototype than a polished piece of content).

Hmm, okay. I doubt this is animation related. Judging from the video you’ve posted, it seems that the camera can rotate freely, which will feel unnatural when you do certain moves (a certain “look ahead” angle is okay, but 180° is a bit much :wink: ). You could try to limit the rotation (Pitch/Yaw) based on the forward vector of the character. Also, you might want to check the input / axis setup. Are you using keyboard/mouse?

Yes I’m using keyboard and mouse.

I agree that I would need to find a way to lock the rotation angle however I feel the bigger issue at the moment is the way the body does the 180 when walking backwards. I will have another look at the input axis setup.

I’ve just had a look at the input settings and compared them also to the first person input settings and everything seems correct.

After watching the new third person tutorials provided by epic I believe this could be related to something in the state machine for the character.

I resolved this issue by using the First person blueprint and copying over the 3rd person assets into that. Attached the full body, and removed the first person arms and weapon. You could also go the other route and create a camera range limiter to only allow the head to rotate 90 degrees in either direction. But the main issue with the 3rd person blueprint and a body is the mouse drives the movement direction. So you wont get a turn in place whereas the first person blueprint gives you body direction based on mouse look.

I doubt its the state machine as it just handles the animations and the transitions between them and the blend space for the idle/walk cycle should not change the characters forward vector (assuming you still use the provided state machine that comes with the template).

Just to make sure i get this right: The character does a 180, when you first move forward (pressing W) and then back (pressing S)? Does this happen too when you leave the mouse alone? Can you perhaps share a character BP screenshot?


Thanks for the help guys, its really appreaciated.

Arixsus: I’m currently at work so I will try this suggestion when I get in.

IMX: The controls work fine when moving forward, the body only rotates 180 when I walk backwards.

So after downloading 4.1 and testing on a new project, Arixsus was correct.

All you need to do is migrate over the third person character and anim content and add that to your player controller component. I can’t believe how simple that was in the end.

As I said before thanks for the help guys, it was getting very annoying using my rift in ue4 with no body.