Using the UE3 Spectator mode [Question about a game]

Hello all, first time here.
I’m sorry if I poster in the wrong section, please accept my apologizes.

I play a game called HAWKEN:

So, the spectator mode used to be available for alpha players, and what’s been told to me is that it’s accessible via a command, a UE3 command obviously. But no one wants to share it, and some people are still using it without problems.

I -along with some friends- are planning to make some mini movies, and we need the spectator mode. I hope someone could tell me the standard UE3 command to start it, I will appreciate it a lot.

Thank you again and have a good day.

Hi EliteShooter,

This forum is for Unreal Engine 4 discussions only. Since you’re question is related to UE3 I advice to post this on UDK Forums or Hawken Forums.

Closing this thread.