Using the Timeline Node for VCR like Time-code and movement

Hi guys, I’m working on a sequence that requires a time-code similar to a VCR as I build a working time-code in 3D for this pseudo clock.

I figure once I get it working for one time-code for 60 seconds in 1 minute, I’ll be able to duplicate the function for hours, & minutes of course adding the additions or subtractions necessary upon complete rotations etc.

Thinking of a VCR type setup, I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how to capture, in global variables, the overall Time INT changes from one second or minute to the next. Depending on which way time is flowing.

In other words using seconds as I pass 60 seconds in minute 1 towards minute 2, is an Array of Ints my best friend here with every rotation adding, or deprecating the Int for minutes etc depending on time rotation? Or do I do something crazy and use collisions which seems the wrong way to do it.

Can you guys let me know if I’m on the right path here using a Timeline as a base for this or is there another easier method. Also note: This BP is not working yet obviously, I’m just laying it out so my brain can start to comprehend what I think I want :wink:

VCR Timeline.png