Using the timeline multiple times and edit the Key from blueprint


I’m using the timeline to change a scalar value which works (fading a textures opacity).
I have three inputs: From Alpha, To Alpha and Duration.
I created the timeline with one parameter which is increases from 0 to 1 over a default lenght of 5 sec.

Now the first problem, If I set the length of the timeline via “SetTimelineLength” the keyframe is not adjusted to the new length.
So when I set the duration to a shorter duration than 5 sec my keyframe is never reached!
Where can I change the relative position of my keyframe when chaning the length of the timeline?

The second problem I’ve encountered is that I am not able to reuse the timeline (node).
If I copy the node a new timeline is created. I don’t want to create a new timeline but using the preconfigured one.
My use case:
If “FromAlpha” > “ToAlpha” then play the Timeline from the end (reverse)
Else Play from start.

Simple as that. I can not find any solution to this. Maybe someone has an idea how to fix this?

Can you show a pic of the node? I don’t understand what you mean by ‘inputs’. Timelines don’t have inputs.

EDIT: SetPlayRate is what you need. Set length is adding time on the end… :slight_smile:

EDIT2: If you want to use the timeline for more than one thing, you can:

Or just copy and paste it, the internal curves will go with it.

Thank you, gonna check it out tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Second Qustion is done. I have a branch, if true then go into the “Play from Start” and else “Play from End”

Yes, Thank you! SetPlayRate works perfectly! I missed ‘SetPlayRate’ because I searched for things like ‘setLenght’ etc… Missed it :slight_smile:

Using the timeline multiple times I mean something like this

Yes, I know what you mean. What are you trying to achieve?

Reusing the same timeline instance with another timeline Node.
In my case I can use the same timeline node with the same logic just going into the two Inlets.
Another case would be like playing it backwards from somewhere else and do somethign else on update or OnFinished.
But in this case I think you have to create a copy of the existing timeline.

Well, you can’t have timelines instances I’m afraid. New node = new timeline.

If you can give me a specific example of something you want to do, I can show you how to do it.

I don’t mean ‘use one timeline twice’ I mean an example of what would happen in the world, what kind of effect do you want?

EDIT: For instance in your first post you said:

If “FromAlpha” > “ToAlpha” then play the Timeline from the end (reverse)
Else Play from start

That would be:

Yep thats exactly what I am doing right now (as you can see at my screenshot from my previous post) :)!