Using the template character animations with my own rig

Hi there! I’ve just been through the Maya -> UE character rigging tutorial and I have a rough but deformable character with (what should be) the same bone setup as the Third Person Shooter template character.

I’ve migrated the animations and skeleton to my project, but it won’t let me add the animation to my new skeleton.

I know I’ve probably got something obvious wrong like the skeleton isn’t the same. I changed the neck joints to 1 and all the finger joints except the thumb to 3, like in the tutorial.

What else could be stopping me from using them?

The bone naming convention has to match animations but in my opinion it’s not worth the effort to spend the time trying to match up to the template and with out the source strange things happen if the transforms are not matched as to alignment.

I’ve already tried to export the TPP model, which matches up the naming, but limbs fly all over the place so a total shot in the dark I’ll bet a dozen donuts the animations were done in MotionBuilder or some other prefab rig.

I hadn’t heard of MotionBuilder before. Thanks! I’ll check it out.

AdamZ just posted this, which might be helpful: