Using the Sequencer, is there a way to loop animations while the sequence is paused?

Hi there!

I have built a dialog system for my project that fills a dialog box during gameplay or in cutscenes by the player pressing an interact key. During cutscenes, I want the player to be able to take their time and read the dialog in the box while the 3d characters animate in the background, either active animations (gesticulating while talking, interacting with the environment, etc) or to return to looping idle animations.

I had some animations looping during the pauses previously by triggering animations using the AnimBP and an event track, but this was clunky and didn’t let me see positions as I would’ve liked.

I then transitioned to using the animation track within the sequencer itself, which works a lot more closely to what I want to do. However, when I pause my sequence for the player to read, the animations all pause as well!

I have fiddled and played with a lot of the options here, but I am relatively new to this whole thing, and I’m sure there’s some tick box somewhere that would solve my issue.

I have created a small youtube video of my current situation to show what I am looking at here. It sort of narrates the problem and demonstrates what I would like to do.