Using the same BP as child of Player and AI

Hi, i’ll be short.

I have an Actor BP (BPbase) that can select a race, its stats, it’s skeletal mesh, etc…

I want to create a Player BP(to make the controls) that lets me use the BPbase in the menus.
The BPbase would also be used for AI or other players.

This seems really simple but i can’t manage to see the BPbase variables when it’s inside the PlayerBP.

Thank for your time :).

Possibly this?

I can’t see the selection drop down or variables once i place the playerBP in the scene.
Basically i want to access the child actor template like in the image.

Ah I see you’re using child actor components? It’s been a fair while since I used these but iirc you can’t (or couldn’t) edit any of its values per-instance. I don’t know if this has changed.

is there a workaround for that ?

I would have made the BPBase Actor inherit from the same parent that your PlayerBP is… Let’s assume its ‘Character’ for simplicity…

So BPBase is a Character, set all your variables as you wanted them.

Then make PlayerBP inherit from BPBase, so now you have all the base components / vars / functionality that you need for a Character as well as all the functionality you’ve got in your BPBase. Now you can edit any of the inherited variables per-instance.

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thanks !
ill try that and mark as solution if that works.