Using the Random Float in Range function inside of an AnimBP state causes blueprint warning

I’m trying to use a random float in range to vary up my characters’ animation slightly. I’m getting the following error:

Warning Node  Blendspace Player 'BasicMinion_IdleWalkRun_BS'  uses potentially thread-unsafe call  Random Float in Range . Disable threaded update or use a thread-safe call. Function may need BlueprintThreadSafe metadata adding. 

I don’t think I want to turn off thread stuff, so is there a work around to this? Or is it a bug?

A possible workaround is to create a float variable in your Event Graph (let’s call it RandomValue) and assign it the value of the Random Float in Range function in the Blueprint Update Animation Event. Then, instead of using the function directly in your Anim Graph, you use the RandomValue variable.

Great Answer, worked perfect!