Using the player camera for matinee

If anyone could help me with this It’ll be great. What I’m trying to do is when my character walks into a trigger box, the player camera will move around looking at the enemies, back at the character, the surroundings, and finally back behind the character so he can fight. Similar to Kingdom Hearts. But I don’t know how to start this out because I don’t know how to control the player camera for the start of matinee. I found out I can use camera animation under Right- Click, Miscellaneous, Camera animation. But I can not find any tutorials on how to work with this.

I’ve figured it out by using the “Set View Target With Blend” Note, but now the camera doesn’t go back to the player. It just stays with the new camera. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Adding the next few nodes helped me out, especially adding the “Get Player Character” note

Hey, i did as you showed above, but if i now get back to the player camera, the camera is lower, between the legs of the player… do you know why?

Post a screenshot of what you did and how it looks like

Ok so thats awesome, just what i needed, what if I needed to move the matinee to where my player is so that it doesnt teleport the character to the matinee but the matinee to the player?

Can you explain more or make a video about this and upload it on youtube