Using The delay node too quick causes high input lag

if i spam 9 in game(see picture), there will be high input lag all my inputs have a delay but still happen, i have had input delay a lot a places, sometimes just lags for no reason, the reason of lag might not only because of this node, ue5.1 mac m1

Not all of them will happen, this is the nature of how latent nodes work.

When you re-enter a latent node (eg. delay) while it is still processing, it will not start a second process in parallel as you might expect. Instead, it will either completely ignore your subsequent calls, or it will refresh the latent process with the most recent call.

What it does depend on the latent action. In case of delay, both exist because both can serve different purposes.

The classic “Delay” ignores subsequent re-entrant calls while the delay is already processing. It will always trigger Completed, just once, after the defined Duration based on when it was first triggered. If you enter a 1second Delay, and you enter it again (once or multiple times) within the 1 second window, only one Completed will trigger at the end of that second.

The alternative “Retriggerable Delay” refreshes itself with subsequent re-entrant calls. If you enter a 1second Retriggerable Delay, and you enter it again after 0.9seconds, then it will wait one more second before triggering Completed. And it will still trigger only once, ie. still eating up execution flows in the process.

By input delay i meant camera and wasd. every input
btw this might not be a delay problem, sometimes it just lags for no reason

wtf it might be a mouse problem(other games or mouse don’t have this problem)
(glorious model o if anyone is wondering)
and only lags when drawing circles

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