Using the command line

Hello i want to know how to use the command line in c++. Also I’m a little confused… For the command line do you want me to use a actually command line? Or the console command thing in hame a difference explanation would be great

GetWorld()->Exec(GetWorld(), TEXT(“TheCommand param1 param2 …”));

Thank you quite weird none the less because then where launching and then huh? Kind of weird…But go figure I suppose…

Depends your Question is kind of Confusing. Maybe you can tell me what Command you are trying to Launch? Maybe you talk about something entirly different :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

a question on functionality. And a design question on command line vs command prompt

What I posted is the Code to execute a Console Command the same way you would inside the Games Console (since you asked how to call them from C++).

If you want to pass Command line Arguments you do something like that from a Console or by creating a .bat file and run it. Whatever you like =)

YourGame.exe YourMapName -server

That will start your Game as Server with the Map you wanted. Or

YourGame.exe SomeIp -game -log

Starts your Game Connects to that Ip and logs