Using the blueprints from the learn section

Hi, I am currently prototyping in UE4 just to get an idea for what I can possibly make using the engine. I stumbled upon the “Blueprints” project in the learn section of the Epic Games Launcher. In that project I found a control room that has 5 monitors and a button to switch between camera feeds throughout the level. I migrated some of that to my prototyping project and now Im having an issue. I can no longer get the camera feed to display on the monitor. I have compared both projects and the only difference is that I changed the static mesh for the monitor to something larger, just to see if it would fit. Please feel free to ask me for additional info. I am just not sure what all to tell at the moment.

If I remember correctly, those cameras contain a Scene Capture 2D component. The way this component works is to capture an image of the scene at each frame and “save” it to a Texture. The texture is then used to create a material. The material is applied to the mesh which represents the monitor screen, so you see on the monitor what the camera is seeing in the scene.

Probably in your migration you have somehow broken the link between the component, the texture, the material and the monitor static mesh. You need to check everything and make sure to re-establish it.

While looking at these blueprints, I did learn about screen captures. I noticed that for some reason the render targets did not migrate. However after making new ones, the monitor still does not pick up the camera feed. The only thing in the blueprints that I am not using is the sliding doors. That shouldn’t make the other blueprints not work, right?

Why don’t you create a brand new level in your game and try to generate the whole capture and render set yourself? Use a simple cube to project the captured render target to. In this way you will be able to grasp what you may be doing wrong. If it works, then you know how to reproduce it in your original level (or fix it).

Usually there are no cross-effects/interactions between Blueprints unless they have been specifically programmed to interact. Not sure about the doors, I think I remember that when the cameras spot you they shut the doors, so indeed there may be some interactions going on.

Ok I will try doing that.