Using text to set object reference

Hey there! I currently have a system for my levels where each level is used for multiple sequences of events and such. In order to make this work I need to tell the game which level sequence to play upon starting the level. The way I’ve tried to go about this is naming my sequences internally the same except for the number. so [Levelname]_1, 2, 3, etc. Then I just append the selected levels number using an int onto the end of the level name. However the only roadblock i have is getting that text info into the sequence reference. Any ideas?

Use a data table. Or use Get All Actors and get the one you want by comparing the display name with the name you want.

Hey I tried the map idea you originally suggested and it actually worked wonders for me. Thanks a ton!

Yeah, I deleted that answer after reading your post more carefully and realized that using a data table would remove the need of creating a map variable in every level.

But if it works, then good.