Using tap left shift for sprinting

How to setup blueprint for single tapping left shift key to enable sprinting.

Hello. Inside your player blueprint, add a left shift node (or whatever key you want). Then, drag out the character movement inside the components tab to get a reference. Drag off of that node, and type set max walk speed. This speed can be whatever you like when sprinting. After that, get another set max walk speed node, and make that one the walking speed. Connect the pressed to the sprinting speed, and released to the walking speed. Hope you found this helpful.

This does not answer his question. This is, if anything, how to enable sprinting while HOLDING the left shift key.

When player presses shift set max walk speed to whatever you want your sprinting speed to be.
Don’t reset it back when player releases shift.
Instead reset it if there is no input.
Depending on your input settings, something like:
If moveForward = 0 and moveRight = 0 set maxwalkspeed to whatever is your normal walking speed.

NoobsDeSroobs, Thanks for replying. You are correct. I know how to set up the conventional way. More and more games are being developed with tapping instead of holding whatever key you assign. Same why with Crouch.

Allshar, Would this be in the blueprint? If yes, could you attach an image on how to do that. Thanks

The solution.

If you would like it to be tapping, you can use a flipflop node after pressed. Connect 600 to a, and 300 to b. Sorry! (Released shouldn’t have anything anymore.)