Using Sync groups with blendspaces


Quick question for an animator colleague. We have a blendspace that controls about 24 animations, walk, run sprint, front left back, etc etc. All of this is working fine, except for a few cases where our blending from walk backwards to run backwarfs due to different length animations. We want to use a Sync Group with the walk animation as the leader, however we can’t seem to figure out how to set each animation in a group. I can select the blendspace and in the details panel I see the sync group and the drop down, but this doesn’t allow me to set which animation, and when I check individual animations in the character BP, I can’t seem to find an option to set them there. We don’t have any specific animations in our anim graph or state machine because its driven by a blendspace like I mentioned.

Is there any way to tell a certain animation how to act in the Sync Group? Or does it have to be done in the anim graph some how?



Hi esquire,

Currently there is a bug listed as JIRA [UE-21350] reporting that there is an issue with Sync Groups not functioning with Blendspaces. I am adding this post to the list of users interested in seeing this resolved. When this issue is resolved we will add an update to this post. In the meantime the following is how you would set up Sync Groups for Blendspaces:

To set the Sync Group, select the animation node in the AnimGraph and look in the Details panel. You will see the Sync Group property.

Group Name This is where you enter the name for you Sync Group. Generally, you will want all related animations that are meant to blend together (such as body motions for sneak, walk, run, sprint) to all be in the same Sync Group.

Group Role This is where you set the type of membership in the group (potential leader, always follower, etc…)
Sync Groups can be set on AnimSequence and BlendSpace nodes within the AnimGraph, as well as inside State Machines.

Documentation: Sync Groups

May I ask for an update of this issue? As there is still no public bug tracker access, I hope we can at least ask for details on issues in the tracker. I would like to know if this issue is fixed and if so, in what git commit I will find the fix.

This bug is still listed to be worked on, however, efforts are currently focused on higher priority issues. Hence, this issue will be addressed as soon as possible.