Using Structs not updating

I have a BP that I am using to store multiple values in a struct such as ints, floats and bools. I am wanting to display those values that are stored in the struct via UMG. The problem is that the values, changed in another BP, are not being updated in UMG. Is there something tricky for having those values updated in other BPs?

Any advice would be awesome!


How do you access the struct in UMG? If you just check for it on tick and set the text (or whatever you want to set) it will surely work :slight_smile:

The struct (variables being set) sits within MyCharacter BP. I cast to MyCharacter on event construct, get the struct and promote to variable. I then bind a text to the value I am trying to display, but it is not updating whenever it is changed in MyCharacter. I have tried using event tick within the event graph to set the variable, which does not update, and correct me if I am wrong but a text binding is called every frame as well…?

I can post more info when I return home from work.

Thank you for the reply!

If you are binding it to a variable that is defined within the UMG, then you would need to cast to it every time it changes within the MyCharacter BP. Just changing the variable in the MyCharacter BP won’t update the one in the UMG BP without being told to do so.

Hope this helps. If not, would you mind uploading screenshots of your examples?

This is exactly what it was! Thank you very much!

You’re welcome, just glad I could help! :cool:

Suddenly I see where I was failing so long ago…

That’s fantastic! “Learn something new every day” is my motto. If that helps others accomplish the same, the better! :slight_smile: