Using stock UE4 assets in released paid work?

What’s the deal with using the pre-made assets and projects that come with unreal?
Am I allowed to use them and sell and make money off them if I choose to as long as I pay 5%
I don’t mean selling the original assets as 3D models, I mean including them in whatever use I have for them in my 3D world?

Thanks in advance

I guess that’s a yes then, legal stuff in games tends to scare me a bit, hence why I ask direct questions.

def. clear you can, really checked into this ourselves.

I wondered about this as well, but then I realized that if they allow us to use the engine they’ve been developing since 2003 for only 5% royalties, surely they would let us use a little texture or material xD

Afaik you can use all assets that come with Ue4, but you are not allowed to use the assets from the marketplace.

•What can I do with this free content?

“You can use template games to build and ship your own projects. We encourage you to explore, deconstruct and modify the sample games and example content as you like. You can use this content for your own game projects, too!”

Most of them come from the marketplace. No? Use it all to your heart’s content? (content as in contentment) If not, I’m screwed. I’ve got a Tappy chicken first person shooter strategy memorization game nearly complete.

I think you can use the marketplace content as well, why wouldn’t you be able to? It essentially comes with UE4, albeit late given that they’re still working on sample content.

Yep, you can use any of the content from us in your project!