Using static mesh as pawn - setting character yaw not working when rolling

Hey guys,
this is my first post so please don’t kill me if this isn’t the right place for that topic. :slight_smile:

I recently came up with testing around with UE4 (which is awesome by the way!) and I’m facing the following issue: I’m trying to create a first person shooter game where you’re supposed to be able to control a podracer in third person.
For now, this looks as following:

So the mesh is rotating but not rolling (as supposed to because I didn’t command the pawn to set the roll input in the blueprint).
However, when trying to set the roll input after setting the yaw input:

the camera will move around the mesh (and the pawn will rotate too as you can say because the forward vector changes) but the mesh won’t move (as you can see in the 4th attached picture (GIF)). By the way, disconnecting the “Add Controller Roll Input” function from the workflow doesn’t change anything in behaviour at all which makes me kind of dazed.

My question is now: how is it possible that my mesh rotates (or in other words the “Set Controller Yaw Input” function works correctly) only when the Set Controller Roll Input and the Set Actor Rotation functions are not connected to it?

This is how my object tree looks like in the pawn blueprint:

Note: The “Mesh” object is empty (but not erasable whysoever) and only the sebulba2 object has a Static Mesh set to it.

Thanks in advance, taiBsn