Using Splines and Spline Components (Tutorial Problem)

Hello Folks,

I’ve been following the tutorial here - by Zak for Spline & Spline components to create the track editor (very good Tutorial btw).

All has gone well so far apart from around 43 mins in the Tutorial, for some reason as I test (like Zak does) in the main editor, I seem to be getting a bit of a strange result as shown in the image below, I’ve tried to track back and see where I went wrong but can’t seem to pin point it.

Any ideas ?


Now this is the result of just draging the Track Generator Blueprint into my scene, with no movements at all and only 1 spline point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to figure out which bit I’ve gone wrong on, something simple I’m sure but I’m blind to it. I look forward to completing the rest of the tutorial but feel I Must address this bit 1st before I get into more troubles.


Have you clicked the spline point and dragged it out further? Or added another spline point? It can’t work with just one point

Hi Mosel3y,

Even when Zak tetsted at the point I did it was a single mesh, when I drag the spline points to create another point and so on everything seems to pull from the 1st point, I’ve missed something, I will watch again later when I get chance and see what I have missed :).

I’ll add an image with more than 1 point dragged out shortly also. (Image below - Added since last reply)

3 points added… and this is what is shown.

Thanks for the reply, any ideas feel free to give us a nod.


Watched through tutorial again upto where I was at and noticed I was far too tired last night :slight_smile: and added a few variables which were correct, for example I added a Current loop instead of a Next loop and also an End tangent instead of a End location :), which would explain the wierd results.


Now for the rest of the tutorial :slight_smile: - Which is great btw.

Thx for input Mosel3y


Fully working, with collisions, spline points, banking, width, rails - Just like it says on the tin :smiley:

Fantastic tutorial and knowledge gather, Thank you Zak and UE. For anybody reading this and looking at the tutorial, superb indeed.

Much appreciated
Cecil B