Using spline points to drive the motion of a train

Hello everyone!

I´m posting this to try to get help on a blueprint I’m working on at the moment, which involves the use of a spline to drive the motion of an object. The main example I followed to build the blueprint is the one on this link:

video -

project - - Google Drive

Over there, you can find an example where a spline drives the motion of an object, having it stop at the points (all of them) in the spline. I’d like to change that to only stopping at a given point, for example the third point in that spline, and then after a delay in only the third stop, continue with the motion. Any idea of how I can do that? I´ve been trying to figure it out by myself all day, but I’m not that good with blueprints to manage something like this. It would also be great to modify the speed as required, since the object moves at a constant speed instead of gaining it as it moves - for example, when the object starts moving, it would be cool to gain speed as time passes, until it reaches a limit, instead of going always at a constant speed.

Any insight on how this can be achieved?

Thanks for your time reading this, any help will be extremely welcomed - I’ve been fighting with the blueprint system all day and I couldn’t find a way.


Hello, I know this is a older post, but I have not found other examples… the linked project don’t opens in 4.25.3 (freeze on 39% load) and I’ve to ctrl-alt-canc…
I need to move an object along closed spline, with stop, pause and restart, like a city bus. I hope someone can link a tutorial or a working project. Thanks!