Using Space Bar + D Key to Perform Action

Hello. Yes, as the title says, im trying to find out how to perform events or actions when a combination of keys is pressed, in this case is Space Bar + D key (To perform a wall jump) But it seems, there’s no ‘key combination’ thing or function to achieve this.

Is this for blueprints? You could try using a key binding for spacebar, on pressed it sets a bool to true, on release it sets the same bool to false.

Then simply check the bool when you press the D key, if its true perform the action if not - do nothing.

Let me know if you need further help testing it out.

You could create 2 boolian variables. When a key is pressed it turns this variable on, when-it’s released turn it off. do this with each key event input. then assign a branch to an event tick that checks to see if BOTH variables are on and if so, …well…tell it to do as you wish.

I was thinking about the booleans before, and I think is the bets idea yet. You guys are right, thanks for the help again.