Using Slate UI with Oculus Rift

Slate UI does not work correctly using the occulus rift. The UI does not display on both eyes separately, nor does it use the warping post processing effect. Is there any plans to fix this issue, or does someone have a workaround?

Mitchemmc has made a good VR template that has a menu in it. I don’t think it uses any of the standard UI systems though: VR Game Template - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

Hi Ted de Munnik,

Apologies for this one getting overlooked. We are going back through a lot of these posts now in order to resolve them.

Are you still experiencing this crash or did it get resolved for you in a newer release of the editor?

If it’s still an issue let me know and I can look into this further.

Thank you!


This was not a crash issue… We’ve already found a workaround for this particular project by not using in game UI, but I’m not sure if this feature is fixed in the latest UE4 version.

Hey Ted,

I looked into this issue a bit and here is what I have been informed of. Slate is a 2D UI solution and the Oculus is not designed to work with HUD UI solutions that appear in the foreground. When working with VR devices, the best practice is to use 3D mesh objects as your UI or 3D UMG widgets. Humans do not naturally have images “within” their eyes as the Oculus renders it, which increases sim sickness. Due to this, we are not focusing our efforts to make Slate UI more compatible with the Oculus at this time.

Let me know if you have any additional questions