Using skeletal mesh sockets in blueprint

I am having difficulties getting a socket to work properly after reviewing the official documentation on the subject.

I have a blueprint with a skeletal mesh component and a capsule component I created. I attached a socket to the skeletal mesh in the skeletal mesh editor on the right hand.

Then in my blueprint graph I use the event begin play node to execute the attachActorToComponent node. In this node I have specified the target as self, the in parent as the capsule, the in socket name as the socket I created and the attach component type as snap to target.

I want the capsule to move along with the right hand during animation but it just stays where I originally placed it relative to the blueprint.

Ok I came up with a solution on this, just putting it here for others who may have this problem.

Using the “Attach To” node rather than the “AttachActorToComponent” and specifying the target as the component and the In Parent as the Mesh with everything else the same as above created the desired effect.