Using ShooterGame Assets

I am trying to use the assets from the example shooter game in another project and have migrated the content folder into my project. However many things are not working correctly. Animation blueprints disfunctional and do not function and many blueprints are not usable and say they are derived from an invalid class. How would I fix this?

Hey, The shooter game sample is not a blueprint-only project. It is C++ Project and blueprints. You can fix the animation blueprint by adding the missing parameters to the main character and replacing the castings, Also you need to create your own character blueprints. It is a bit tricky but if you know C++ its easy.

Is there a way to import the C++ contents or is constructing the blueprints the only way?

You can use the assets, but you have to fix the buggy blueprints (Animation blueprint for example), The blueprints that say invalid parent, you can not use them. You need to remake them.

Ok thanks I got it mostly sorted it out