Using Shift to run and SpaceBar to jump simultaneously

I have 2 input actions setup.

Jump - SpaceBar
Run - LeftShift

I can run fine and i can jump fine, but it will not allow me to jump whilst running (holding down shift key).

if i switch the action key for Run to another key for example LeftCtrl, it works as intended. How can i fix this? i have also tried using the ‘is input key down’ node with the same problem.


UPDATE: after looking into it more it seems to be only doing it when also holding the W key to go forward, going left right or back whilst sprinting allows me to jump.

can you post the code where you handle the inputs?

yeah, it happens sometimes. It doesn’t work when we press the keys simultaneously. I tried a platform spacebar clicker and the problem was solved to quite the extent. Here I got a grip over pressing the keys together. I hope this one helps you too. :slight_smile: