Using SetTimer in UnrealMatch3 demo

Hi! I’m having a look at UnrealMatch3 and I discovered that the tile dropping logic uses SetTimer in the following way:

// Tiles fall at a fixed rate of 120 FPS.
GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(TickFallingHandle, this, &ATile::TickFalling, 0.001f, true);

The 0.001f I believe means to execute ATile::TickFalling 1000 times per second, is this right? Just to test I tried changing it to 0.0000001f and experienced a significant performance hit as TickFalling is being called 10000000 times per second. Ignoring the (possibly out-of-date) comment above it, I’m wondering if there is any benefit to calling a Tick function more frequently than 120fps? Would it be better to call it with an interval of (1/120.0f)?