Using Set Simulate Physics on Actor (projectile)

This is based on the FPS-template with a simple shoot-mechanic. The blueprint MyCharacter spawns the blueprint MyProjectile which is based on SM_Projectile mesh. Here you can see the components for the projectile: link

In my project I have a charge-mechanic that lets the player charge the projectile’s speed. The projectile should spawn (still) on InputActionFire Pressed and set velocity on Released. I need the projectile to hoover in front of the player until he releases the button.
I have found Set Simulate Physics, but I guess I have the wrong target as neither of these two components have physics in the BP (and function does not have effect):

My question is; How do I disable the physics of the spawned projectile momentarily? (While Projectile is attached to player)

I noticed both the StaticMeshComponent and SphereComponent in the MyProjectile-BP have simulate physics to inactive, although the sphere/bp still has physics when i test it ingame. How does this work?

you can use activate/deactivate “spawned projectile”