Using "Set Play Rate" node to change Timeline duration at runtime.


I’m using a timeline to control some in-game events. I’d like to expose a variable that would allow me to manipulate that timeline so I can apply the same template to multiple actors. The only solution I can see would be to use the “Set Play Rate” node, but that node doesn’t seem to effect anything. Here’s the current setup:


“Bat Flight” is the name of the Timeline. I’ve got “Timeline Rate” exposed on the actor. No matter what float I put in “Timeline Rate” the timeline plays at the same speed and duration.

Any tips?


I am wondering about how to use the set play rate, on the timeline.

Very strange - I use Set Play Rate all the time and it works. A playrate of 1 (100%) will play the timeline based on the time in the curve. A playrate of 2 will half the time (200% speed). What floats are you setting for you timeline?

Have you tried setting the Playrate and then simply calling an event that plays the Timeline (instead of the Play node)?

After some fiddling around I made it work, just as the screenshot shows.