Using sequencers within gameplay/sequencer questions

is this an ok idea or do any problems arise? as i understand it the sequencer in its current form is mostly for cinematics

I basically want some enemies that each have unique looping music, with events being triggered at certain points in the track, and enemies that will animate at the speed set by the sequencers, so a separate sequencer per enemy.

Also, if the devs are reading this - sequencers with BPM as well as fps would be a great help.

Also, is there a way to alter the playback speed of the sequencer?

i’m pretty new to game design, coming from a music background, and this is really exciting new territory we are treading

Have you checked out timelines in BPs? Very accurate timing, and you can set up event tracks, set speed, length etc. Not sure if they are the right approach, but it’s AN approach!

Ah, no! I can see loads of uses for them, great suggestion - I could run one separately for each audio track and do the events by ear. Not ideal but better than nothing! thanks