Using Sequencer with a C++ actor interactively in the Editor

I’ve got an C++ actor that during gameplay uses the Tick event to display different geometry depending on the time. I trying to use the Sequencer to choreograph some cut sequence animation using the Play Rate track to adjust the playback speed. I’ve got a problem that when I’m working with the Sequencer interactively in the Editor (using the timeline controls in the Sequencer) I’m only seeing the geometry as set up by the actor’s original constructor.

Is there something equivalent of the Tick event that can get called when I’m using the Sequencer interactively the Editor (i.e. not using PIE) and want to get the time from the timeline so that I can update the geometry displayed appropriately? I’m wanting to do this interactively in the Editor so that I can do things like hit play, single frame step up and down, and scratch up and down the timeline to see the results.

I guess what I’m looking for are:

  • an event to say that interactive playback using the Sequencer in the Editor has started.
  • a Tick style event that gets called whenever another frame is about to be displayed in the Editor so that I can upate the geometry for my C++ actor.
  • a value for the current time from the Sequencer as modifed by the Play Rate Track that my C++ actor can access.

Hi andylomas, Sadly I can’t help you but just wanted to reach out to you as it seems you are doing some work similiar to mine. I to am trying to work with the new Sequencer and custom actors in the editor, but so far have not managed to get any help with doing so :frowning:

You can see my thread here:

Wjhat you are doing is some of the same stuff I need to do, but at the moment I can’t even get my custom actor properties to change based on sequencer actions.