Using Sequencer to Bake Physics Behavior?

Hey, I have this idea of using the recording capabilities of the Sequencer to bake some physical behaviour (ex. a huge amount of balls falling from behind an opened door).
I would like to use the physical engine of Unreal to animate the behaviour of those objects, record it with the sequencer, and then just trigger the sequence containing the recorded movement when needed.

The advantages:

  1. No need to use an external tool to do these animations, as everything is done in-engine
  2. No waste of processing power to calculate the physics dynamically.
  3. The behaviour is baked, so it’s predictable (well, after few tries I get the one that satisfies me).

What would be the disadvantages of such an approach appart from using the great but still clunky Sequencer?

I am trying to do the same thing, except the Sequencer is not recording physics at all. Objects are just standing as they were at the start.
Could you explain me in a few steps how you managed to do it?

I am trying to do the same thing with Ocean plugin and BP_buoyantMeshActors.

So far I have tried creating events, recording the actors, nothing seems to be turn on the physics simulation during the movie. The Ocean / Water moves fine but now my goal is to get the floating actors move with the Ocean / Water.

Right now my camera is far away from the actors so its not a big deal but if I want to do a close up I will need to hand animate it.

See example:
Project Tropic

ADD++ I found that I can run the simulation which does run the physics engine, then start the cinematic / connecting the cine camera I get Actors to move with the Water / Ocean, not sure if this will work if I try to export a prerecorded movie, but for now I could move the camera in and get the benefits of the physics based water simulation.

YES! this would be a great feature. I am in the middle of something that would greatly be improved with this functionality…

weird thing is, in my sequencer camera the physics don’t work, the objects just stay there and don’t fall but when I export the physics work as intended.
would be great to see this in camera though as I need it for my camera angles and timing etc

Thanks Vexar, will give that a try. Thank you for replying.

Nah it don’t work. I just tried. You need to auto play the simulation when playing back the movie or visa versa.
Epic should make this an option imo. Thanks again for replying.

Same here. My objects won’t move in the sequencer, even thought physics is enabled. Do I have to use blueprints please?

@BadMonk you should be able to kick off the simulation which will run the physx then start your sequence just make sure you have your viewport setup to cinematic and that the camera viewing the the sim is bound to the window by clicking that small useless icon that locks the camera to the viewport. Hard to tell if it is connected because of the poor UI but toggle it a few times to see what it looks like when it is locked. If you aren’t using an Nvidia card or GPU that is the only other thing I can think of that would be causing troubles.