Using Sequence Node to replace Event Tick

So I’m trying to make it so this Sequence Node does the same thing an Event Tick would do.
On Begin play, the sequence does its thing, then (somehow) the “Flashlight hold time” condition sets “something” off to make it so the player can take his helmet off.

I’ve looked around, probably not a great deal, but was unable to find a way to get this to work, other than the fact I should be using sequence nodes instead of event ticks.

I’m going to assume you mean a Timeline and not a Sequence node.

To use a Timeline to replace an Event Tick:

  1. Make your Timeline and name it.
  2. Double-click your Timeline node to open its configuration settings. In the top bar, check “Loop”. Go back to your graph.
  3. Hook up the Update output to whatever you would have attached to Event Tick. Whatever is hooked up to Update will run on every frame as long as the timeline is running.
  4. Set up your Blueprint to trigger the Play (or Play from Start) input when you want to start running the timeline and trigger the Stop input when you want to stop running the timeline.

If you want to end after a specific amount of time rather than after an event, in the timeline edit window, leave Loop unchecked and change the timeline length to the desired time in seconds. Make sure you hook up to Play from Start rather than Play. If you do this, you can also hook up nodes to the Finished output; these will run after the timer expires.