Using Scroll Box

Hello! Is there any way to set the following things on the Scroll Box:

  • Scrollbar position (from right to left, from down to top)
  • Scrolling amount

Thank you for the answer, but this isn’t exactly what I wanted. I want to set the scroll box’s scrollbar to the other side as if I set one of the scale values of the scroll box to -1.

Under scrolling value, I mean how much go (in this case) up or down the scroll box when I scroll with the mouse wheel. Currently, this value is 32 (could I saw with the Get scroll Offset node). So this value 32 is editable or not?

Hi Tsybe,
you can switch the orientation of your scrollbar.
from bottom to top is the same as from top to bottom, I guess you want to have it initially in the bottom or to the right side.
For this, you can use the Scroll to End node on construct or after filling your scroll box.
(Make sure your scroll box is a variable).

Scrolling amount not sure exactly what you try to do but maybe you are looking for the Scroll offset.


there is no option to display the scrollbar on the opposite side.
A kind of hacky workaround would be that you scale the scroll box either in X or Y by -1 and the content as well so it is displayed correctly. :expressionless:

Or you have to create your own scroll box.