Using SCORM or xAPI to record completion and progress in an LMS (4-27)

I see several questions about this over the past several years and no progress or information still available.
It would be useful to use Unreal engine to create a scenario for users to explore and find things and based on their progress they get completed in an LMS. This would be more interesting and immersive than even 360 images or videos used at the moment. Using SCORM to even mark completion at the end of a scenario by clicking a completion button that goes to the LMS would be a start.
Not sure if the developers read anything here. Is there a Feature Request option for Unreal to make the request official rather than requesting in a forum?

This still very interesting to know, I follow.

Hey, I’m looking into the same function at the moment. Do you have any information on this topic?

Have you got any solution ?