Using save function from collab viewer with a custom tool?

I am currently working on a tool that allows the user to type notes that can be placed in the world in the collab viewer project template. The project template already comes with its own built in set of commands like a paint tool, a measuring tool, etc. There is also an option to save the current session, which the user can go back to later to look at any annotations that were made during that session. What I’m trying to do is get my note tool to work with this save function, so that when a past save is opened any notes left from my tool will show up with the save. The blueprints to create and save my note tool are basically a copy of the blueprints for the measuring tool, which comes with the template, with just a few changes to the textbox, and that I am keeping my tool under the annotation tab instead of the measuring tab. The tool works fine when I place it in the world, but when I try to save it, it doesn’t appear again when I load the save. Anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this issue? Again, I used the blueprint for the measuring tool as a base for my own tool, and I haven’t made any changes that I feel would be causing the problem, and I’ve also checked the other blueprints that come with the project template, but none of those look like they would be causing the problem either. The picture attached shows my tool in the world(very similar to the measure tool), where I’ve added the command for my tool, as well as the save function I’m trying to use with it. I’m still pretty new to blueprinting and I’m sure the answer is sitting right in front of my face, but after checking just about everything I can think of I’m unsure what else the problem could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!