Using RTX and MSI afterburner

I have being using Msi Afterburner to control my GPU fan speed, and make sure my GPU is always cold.
The moment I started to try RTX in unreal , my projects always jam building on 39% or other percentages,
It seems to be related to the use of Rivatuner that Afterburner relies on it.

If I turn it out, Unreal runs RTX as expect, but I can’t work without the extra fan speed up as Im afraid of breaking my card…

Any advice how to keep controlling my fan speed and be able to run Unreal using RTX?
Thank you

The project might be stalling at 39% or other %s due to a different issue than fan speed or having Afterburner enabled. There’s a certain point in starting Unreal Engine up where it initializes shader compiling. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new project or existing, or whether it’s a mostly empty level or filled with all kinds of meshes / materials / etc. The 39% / 45% / 83% / 95%+ stalling during startup occurs consistently. Disabling the Afterburner feature, and then restarting UE doesn’t conclusively mean it was Afterburner causing the issue. I don’t have Afterburner, and I don’t have an RTX card, yet sometimes it has worked with enabling ray-tracing and other times it has stalled (then opened, or crashed) and often at 39% or otherwise. How long are you waiting before stopping the process of opening the engine? I’ve returned to it after hours of waiting, and it was still stalled at 39% or another percentage. I’ve also returned to it after a few minutes or 20 minutes or around that, and it was opened and ran smooth and fast.

It is certain that enabling ray tracing and restarting initiates a re-compiling of shaders (usually 10,000+, even in a new, almost empty scene). And that re-compiling is being performed during startup, which makes it appear to jam itself into a potential oblivion of loading. If I were you, with an RTX card, I’d try waiting longer or researching how to optimize the startup speed of Unreal Engine…whichever version. Do not use 4.26 yet, as it’s far more likely to result in errors / bugs / startup issues…if you ask me. Afterburner is 1000x more likely to not be the culprit.