Using RTPC from Wwise


I haven’t manage to do a RTPC in Unreal Engine 4 and didn’t found any information about it…

I’m trying to use the height of an object in UE4 as a game parameter in wwise (grow).



I used the “post event” blueprint, gave the right name of my event and put a “set RTPCvalue” next to it, giving the right rtpc name and a constant value. For both of them the actor is self.


Right now it doesn’t play any sound but when I put any other event (without a RTPC in wwise) it works just fine.

I guess the problem is the way I’m passing by the value to wwise…

Any ideas on how to make it work ?

Hey, I got the same issue however I am using the event itself as an actor. It plays however the RTPC does not change. Did you manage to solve this?