Using RPC to tell clients to hide all network players but self

Hi, and sorry for the (probably?) cryptic title :slight_smile:

I have a very conceptual Project going on but there is some BP-logic that I can’t wrap my gray matter around:
I want every player to be visible serverside but only the local player should be visible clientside.

To prevent hacking/cheating this functionality has (?) to be implemented using RPC triggered from serverside and this is what I have in mind:

(BP-Code is in Player Blueprint)

On Event Begin Play;
Switch Has Authorit;
if( Authority ) { DoNothing; }
if( Remote) 
 if( IsLocalPlayer ) {DoNothing; }
 else { Set Actor Hidden In Game on Self }

Am I totally out in the blue on this?

I dig get this to work with a blueprint following the pseudocode above.
Haven’t got access to my workstation so I can’t post the solution at the moment though

There are options for the mesh component called OnlyOwnerSee and OwnerNoSee that achieve the effect you’re looking for.