Using Rinterp to get smooth camera motion?

Hi. I am trying to get smooth, framerate independent motion from an animated camera. I have a project, with a camera and the below blueprint.

But I still see jumps and pops in the motion. How can I get a completely smooth movement?


Having the same issue. Incredibly excited to see no one has answered this.

Seeing it as a logic problem the current rotation of the object needs to be static as the start value as to the starting point of the interp but in the case of the the flow the value will change with each tick. The current flow is on the tick your getting the current rotation of the camera Actor via the Set Actor Rotation which will change the current value of the interp based on the GetActorRotaion. That’s to say the Current of the “Interp” To will change will each tick causing the motion to jump or pop.

Logic wise you should be sampling the current rotation of the CameraActor and Setting a fixed variable and only reset the current once the interp has completed it’s full cycle.

What is foggy is the intended implantation as it is written would suggest that with out a trigger event the target object would constantly try to rotate once play is started. The typical function of an interpolation is to ease in or ease out of an an other wise linear transform so can I assume that your trying to ease into a rotation if a key is pressed and ease out once the key is released?